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Ocular OC20-BA-22 EV Charger

Model: Ocular Home OC20-BA-22, 22 kW 3 phase EV-CHarger

The Ocular Home charging station combines simplicity with affordability. The Ocular home is our favourite residential EV-Charger, cutting out features you won’t necessarily need for home charging. It comes with a handy LCD screen as a standard and extended warranty options up to 5 years, for peace of mind.

Recommended Application:
Private homes

– Simple to use, easy to install.
– One of the most affordable EV-Charger on the market.
– Single phase and 3 phase version
– LCD screen shows current operating status at all times.
– Comes with Smart Phone App
– RCD and 6mA protection unbuilt for electrical safety
– Weight and Dimensions: 295mmW x 195mmH x 65mmD, 6kg
– Operational temperature -40…+55 °C (derating may apply)
– Impact resistance and IP rating: IK10, IP 66

Warranty: 2 years, up to 5 years

Included features:
– 22kW, 3 phase, 32A output power
– Untethered, socket type
– LCD Screen

Optional features of EVC-04 Series:
– Tethered or untethered version
– Single phase and 3 phase versions
– Extended warranty up to 5 years

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Ocular OC20-BA-22 EV Charger

$1,080.00 / each