Tim Howe - Connect Source

Tim Howe

When he joined Connect Source in 2019, Tim brought 16 years of diverse customer service experience and expertise to the team.

He specialises in customer service reporting and analytics, process design, and business improvement initiatives. He’s also a bit of an Excel guru!

Tim is part of our After-Sales Support team for Guardian by Seeing Machines. He helps customers get set up with the online tools to monitor fleet performance.

He enjoys the family atmosphere, strong values and culture at Connect Source.

‘We’re local people helping our customers be safer and smarter.’

Tim sincerely believes you can’t work on an empty stomach or without coffee! That’s why his favourite question is, ‘what do you want for lunch?’

As a 4WD enthusiast – he loves going bush and camping. Playing on his PS4 also helps Tim escape from the world for a while.