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Need an EV Charger solution designed to meet your specific requirements? We can help – get in touch today.

EV Chargers


Electric Car Charging Simplified

Are you looking for an electric car charging station for your business or home? Finding the right EV Charger for your situation and particular needs can be difficult.
Connect Source is now offering a wide range of EV charging stations and intelligent software to tailor an EV- Charging solution to meet your needs. We offer solutions for commercial, residential, mining and government use.
We help our clients to start towards a zero emission, cost effective transition into the e-mobility future.

Get in touch and our qualified team will help you every step of the way.

Our EV Charging Station services include:


Free assessment and consultancy of your EV-Charger requirements


Sourcing the electric car charger and software suited to your needs


Experienced staff performing the installation


Providing after sales customer service

Need an EV Charger solution designed to meet your specific requirements? We can help – get in touch today.

What are the benefits of installing an Electric Car Charging Station?

EV’s Save The Average Australian Driver Over $4000 Per Year On Petrol

Help your family and your employees save money on fuel and encourage environmentally friendly choices. The more readily available charging stations are, the more people will choose EVs, and the better for the environment it will be.

Prepare For The EV Dominated Future

Have you noticed the petrol prices growing with each passing week? Before we know it, electric vehicles will become the status quo, and all businesses and new homes will require EV charging stations.

Electric vehicle sales in Australia are growing exponentially. Your next car is likely to be

The increase in the demand for electric vehicles will require a complete shift in the
infrastructures of our cities (and homes!). We will need to replace petrol station forecourts
with millions of EV charging stations in homes, businesses, and public spaces to ensure people
have mobility when they need it.

Improve The Resale Value Of Your Home

EV charging stations are seen as a deluxe, up-market item in the Australian property market. Make your home stand out on the market with this added future-focused feature.

Improve The Environmental Sustainability Of Your Business – Impress Potential Employees And Stakeholders.

Providing an environmentally friendly asset to your business, such as EV charging stations,
demonstrates your environmental responsibility and innovative foresight.

Need an EV Charger solution designed to meet your specific requirements? We can help – get in touch today.

Electricians And Electrical Wholesalers

We value your business. If you qualify for our electrician and wholesaler programme, we will guarantee you a very competitive pricing structure and fast enquiry response.

Order your charger today, receive your charger the next day.

Electric Fleet Transitioning And Management

EV Fleet Transitioning

With a significant increase in grant funding for electric infrastructure and vehicles, Australia is
getting serious about a cleaner transport future.

Managing an EV Fleet is very different to managing a combustion engine fleet.

Transitioning to an EV fleet comes with serious questions:

  • Will the EV meet my drivers’ range requirements?
  • What will the impact of EVs be on my fleet’s operational budget?
  • By how much my will my fleet’s carbon emissions go down?
  • How to manage and monitor an EV Fleet?

Get in touch and we will provide a full EV Transitioning Assessment for you.

EV Fleet Management

Once you have electrified your fleet, we will ensure that you have the right EV-Chargers at the right
place. Our EV Fleet software provides a comprehensive EV-Fleet management tool.

It lets you access real-time charging statuses and create notifications to optimise your fleet’s

EV fleet management

Types Of Electric Car Charging Stations Connect Source Offers:

We at Connect Source are brand agnostic, and we are not tied to any specific manufacturer. That means we can always find the right charging solution for you – we are not limited by the range of chargers offered by a single manufacturer.

Among other brands, we provide; ABB, Vestel, Schneider and Ocular electric car charging stations.


Need an EV Charger solution designed to meet your specific requirements? We can help – get in touch today.

What You Should Know...

How EV Chargers Work

An EV-Charger is basically a smart power supply to safely charge car batteries, provide control and monitoring at the same time.

Depending on the charger power rating, the time it takes to fully charge a car battery can vary
between 14h and 15 minutes.

EV-Charger are installed on a suitable wall or standing pedestals.

Depending on your preference, EV Chargers come with inbuilt cables or just with a socket.

AC or DC Charger?

Every EV-Charger draws AC power from the grid. However, the car battery can only store DC power.
This means an AC to DC conversion needs to take place to charge the car battery.

Where the conversion takes place is the difference between AC and DC EV-Chargers.

AC EV-Chargers supply AC into the car and the AC to DC conversion is handled by the on-board
charger of your car.

The onboard charger power rating of most cars is limited to only 7kW or 11kW and limits therefore
the time to charge the batteries.

A DC EV-Charger, performs the AC to DC conversion within the charger itself, bypasses the onboard
charger of the car and charges the batteries directly.

This means DC EV-Chargers can supply larger currents, and can therefore charge batteries in up to
15 minutes.

Charging from Solar

Smart chargers can be programmed to charge only when the sun is shining and solar power is being

In which case your car is charged by 100% renewable energy. This means, zero emissions and a free
of charge “tank”.

Smart chargers also come with apps for your phone. Most apps allow you to start and stop charging
remotely, program automatic charging times, see the charging rate, record historic charging
data, and so on.

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