Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch is an industry leading manufacturer of environmentally sealed electrical connectors for critical applications where failure is not an option. Deutsch connectors are designed to withstand the harshest and most challenging environments.


Deutsch Industrial connectors 

  • A Common Contact System A single contact system terminates all Deutsch connectors by utilizing common tooling and processes The only variation among the contacts is the size of the terminal, which is dictated by the wire gauge.
  • Increased Socket-Terminal Performance Deutsch sockets are copper crimp-type terminals with a stainless steel sleeve covering the contact fingers. The sleeve protects the fingers from damage and increases service life.
  • Air-Tight Crimp Terminations When properly crimped, Deutsch terminations provide an air-tight crimp which is highly resistant to increases in resistance caused by oxidation and variations in temperature.
  • No Retention “Tangs” Deutsch contact retention is part of the connector body, not the contact, and therefore not exposed to damage during assembly and rework.
  • Exact Contact Process Control Deutsch solid contacts are manufactured by a cold-forming process, eliminating most random variations and leading to consistent and predictable performance.
  • Exact Metal Process Control Deutsch metal shells are manufactured by a cold-extrusion process which reduces the quantity of raw material needed and eliminating water penetration through the shell. This process leads to higher performance and lower cost.
  • Hi-Performance Molded Shells To reduce the risk of fire, Deutsch uses flame-retardant, high-grade thermoplastics for all molded Deutsch connector components.
  • Dielectric Contact Retention The Deutsch contact retention system requires terminal insertion through the rear of the connector, increasing production speed and lowering cost by eliminating the need to terminate the wire after it has passed through the connector.
  • Silicon Wire Seals Deutsch wire seals are an integral component of the connector, eliminating the need to assemble separate wire seals on leads, and reducing wire termination assembly time and cost.
  • No Additional Sealing Required Deutsch connector interfacial seals lower assembly cost because they do not require “graffo grease” or other additives to make them water-proof.
  • Impact Resistant Materials Rugged thermoplastic materials are selected to prevent breakage caused by impact during use.  • Fail Safe Connector Assembly DT connectors are designed to allow the wedgelock to be installed only if the contacts are fully and properly inserted, and to allow the connectors to mate only if the wedgelocks are fully inserted.
  • Improved Field Performance Deutsch connectors are designed to carry the rated current at maximum rated temperature.
  • Extended Wire Sealing Range Deutsch connector wire seals are designed to seal properly over a broad wire diameter range. Deutsch connectors provide secure wire seals with a minimum number of parts, streamlining the design process and simplifying inventory management.
  • Damage Resistant Latches DT “push down” connector latches provide increased damage resistance.


Our mission is to build a reputation of product excellence and advanced technologies to provide high quality and exceptional value products and services to our world-wide customers in mining, industry and agriculture. We are the leading supplier of electronic diesel engine connectors and wiring accessories in Australia


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