TXL Wire

TXL wire is preferred where high temperature resistance and small bundle diameter is required. It is found in many automotive interiors (instrument panels, interiors etc)

TXL Wire

TXL Wire

This type of wire is frequently found in the transport, marine, mining and automotive industries where durability resistance to heat cycling typical of engine bays is required.


  • Recommended temperature range for TXL: -40C – +125C
  • Rated up to 600 V maxiumum
  • Insulation: cross-linked polyethylene
  • TXL meets the requirements of SAE J-1560, Chrysler (MS-8288) and Ford (M1L-123A) specifications

Connect Source TXL wire is available in solid colours and stripes with optional custom printing and/or numbering available.

We can trace up to 3 different colour traces on a single wire.

Please note that colours like white are not so easy to see on yellow.

Colours Table  Code Ink Tracing Colour Table
Black BK Black
White WE White
Red RD Red
Green GN Green
Yellow YW Yellow
Blue BE Blue
Orange OE Orange
Brown BN Brown
Grey GY Grey
Pink PK Pink
Purple PE Purple
Lime LE
Tan TN
Cyan CN


Note: the primary colour is listed FIRST and trace colour listed SECOND ie. Green/White is a green wire with a single white trace


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