Teletrac Navman - Platinum Dealer

Technology to capture the real-time data you need to control your equipment and your operation. With technology evolving rapidly, it’s no longer enough just to know where your fleet is.

Teletrac Navman – Platinum Dealer

Smart Control, To Monitor Your Moving Assets

If you really want a clear picture of your business, you need a fleet-tracking solution that gathers critical data and helps you make fundamental changes that affect your bottom line.

Your assets cost you money, sometimes they cost you a lot of money and being the victim of theft could leave your business in a vulnerable position.   Keep your vehicles and machinery secure with our dynamic tracking system that allows you to monitor their whereabouts in real time.

Installing telematic wireless technology brings you peace of mind that your assets are secure, from your largest earthmover to your smallest lighting tower and everything in between!  Avoid the rising costs of fuel and energy by only using your assets when they are required.

Navtrack IoT are our preferred installers of Teletrac Navman devices to help you track your valuable assets.  Our technicians come to you and can fit out your fleet with our touch screen technology that will make your life so much easier and keep you in touch with your staff in the field.


Our mission is to build a reputation of product excellence and advanced technologies to provide high quality and exceptional value products and services to our world-wide customers in mining, industry and agriculture. We are the leading supplier of electronic diesel engine connectors and wiring accessories in Australia


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