Seeing Machines

A person's face and eyes are windows to the soul. Reading them together in real time can be incredibly helpful in developing an understanding of someone's identity, emotion, health, intention or actions. All of these things are key contributors to a person's ability to perform the immediate tasks at hand.

Seeing Machines

A World First Technology

For over 15 years, Seeing Machines has been developing technologies focused on understanding a user’s facial characteristics in order to give machines a higher level of intelligence. With the arrival of ever more powerful and lower cost computer processing, mobile connectivity and the sophistication of sensors, machines are now able to interact with humans far more naturally than ever before. We are now leading the development of technologies that provide machines with a better understanding of dynamically changing world around them and how to empathetic towards the physiology and psychology of the person that is operating or interacting with them.


How it works

24/7 Protection

Guardian uses proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms to measure a driver’s eye closure and head position to determine whether they are fatigued or distracted. Sophisticated infrared sensors ensure drivers are always protected, even at night or when wearing eye wear.

Real-Time Intervention

Guardian provides immediate intervention to the driver when fatigue or distraction starts to take hold. Audio alarms and seat vibration alerts are activated instantaneously to warn the driver to re-focus their attention to the road.

24/7 SafeGuard Center

When Guardian detects an event, footage is immediately sent to the 24/7 SafeGuard Center to be reviewed by our team of specialists, who will notify the driver’s manager within minutes. With Guardian, fleet managers can respond in real-time to fatigued and distracted driving to help reduce the risk of an accident.

Intelligent Data

To provide a complete safety service, Guardian provides clients with intelligent data for continuous results with access to a live database and daily and weekly reports. Clients are able to investigate the time of day fatigue and distraction occurs the most, the location and duration of all incidents, and the speed the driver was travelling. Managers are also able to review detailed footage of each incident to have a clearer understanding of driver behaviour in their fleet.

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