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Case Studies

Irrigation Pump Controller

In late 2014, Connect Source received a customer request to supply and install an irrigation pump set with throttle control to deliver a set discharge pressure, regardless of demand by the farms reticulation system.  The pump was situated in a remote part of the country so needed to be monitored from a central location.  The pumps were to be located in an area with 3G/4G coverage.

Our solution was to supply and install an Eagle water pump controller, capable of automating the start up function and operation of the diesel engine that drove the irrigation water pump.

A standard feature of Connect Source controllers is the plug and play mode, making it easy to connect to the controller, engine and water pressure sensor and straightforward to operate.  To enable asset monitoring, a Navman Wireless remote monitoring system was installed to allow monitoring of the engine and pump operation.  Once installed, it was proposed that the monitoring system will be able to set some of the operating parameters of the controller to allow remote changing of watering cycles.

Operating Instructions for the Connect Source Pump Controller used in this case study

Connect Source - Irrigation Pump controllerConnect Source - Irrigation Pump controller Connect Source - Irrigation Pump controller


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