Wire Braiding and Routing

The Connect Source workshop can provide an extensive range of services, including custom designed electrical wire braiding and routing.

Braiding & Routing


There are a number of wire-covering options available to protect your loom, including conduit and braid.  If you are wondering how to braid wire, Connect Source can help you.  Connect Source uses quality knitted wire braiding material that provides an outer sheath to cover cables.  Braiding provides improved mechanical support and shielded cable protection for wires, extending the life of your loom.

Connect Source looms can come ready braided, using materials that are suitable for the application of the loom and the environment.  Inserting colours on the braiding helps you identify quickly and easily what loom you have selected, and colours can vary depending on the specifications of a given loom.

Our facility has a range of different sized braiding machines which can braid looms from 4mm in diameter through to 50mm, in any length required for your application.

Connect Source - BraidingConnect Source - Braiding


Connect Source carries out the majority of our own routing on plastic and polycarbonate (ABS) enclosures and fascias.  We use custom programming in conjunction with our on site draughts team to ensure enclosures are routed to your exact specifications.  If the purpose of your box changes we can easily modify technical drawings to add or remove functionality, making changes to routing a straightforward process.

Connect Source - RoutingConnect Source - Routing



Our mission is to build a reputation of product excellence and advanced technologies to provide high quality and exceptional value products and services to our world-wide customers in mining, industry and agriculture. We are the leading supplier of electronic diesel engine connectors and wiring accessories in Australia


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